I Escaped Corporate America and You Can, Too!

** if it no longer makes you happy

Hi, I'm Greg Rodgers, creator of www.scienceofescape.com. After grinding through eight stressful years in a cubicle at IBM, I finally made my escape from Corporate America in 2006.

It was the best decision I've ever made.

I've been a full-time, location-independent traveler since getting out (the adventures can be seen on my Vagabonding Life blog). I'm blessed to spend much of my time in Bali, Thailand, and other beautiful places.

I'm certainly don't claim to be an "influencer." Instead, I've been a full-time travel writer since 2007. I didn't make a fortune selling digital products, but that was never the mission. My backpacking websites have been helping good people exit the Rat Race for over 15 years now.

None of those people were wealthy before moving abroad, and you don't need to be, either. You can work on your online business while living somewhere beautiful and inexpensive!

Back when I made my escape from the Rat Race, I didn't have any peers or friends who had done what I wanted to do. I could have used the help and really needed someone with experience to answer my questions.

I had to hack through the process of overcoming fear, getting into the right mindset, and tearing down my infrastructure at home. I made a lot of mistakes, but I kept detailed notes (geeky network engineer, remember?).

I managed to get out at age 30, find happiness, and reinvent myself from a shy introvert into an adventurer.

Escaping the Rat Race to begin traveling had such a profound impact on my health, happiness, and productivity, I wanted to better understand it. I began studying the science behind what makes extensive travel so good for our brains and success.

Happier people make a better world. No matter if you book a course or coaching with me, I want to help you escape Corporate America!

Most importantly, no matter how you do it, just escape.

See you on the road.

Greg Rodgers

The EpicEscape Course

The EpicEscape Course contains a book I wrote over a period of two years, along with advice from neuroscientists, psychologists, PubMed studies, and more.

It's all the knowledge I wish I had when I escaped my conventional life in 2006!

A lot of people want to make their escape from the Rat Race, but they just can't seem to break free. I struggled for years because I thought I had to be wealthy before escaping a conventional life.

But I learned that money (or lack thereof) wasn't holding me back -- it was my way of thinking that kept me stuck. Seriously. When I finally beat my fear, the path forward became clear.

For many years, I had been brainwashed by my environment that Mondays were supposed to be terrible, and the fun parts of life were supposed to happen on Saturdays or after retirement.

The leap to get out of a conventional life was a big and scary one, but today I'm happier and healthier for doing it.

I'm confident I can help you get out of your rut and onto the path for a more adventurous life!

I also understand that online information simply isn't always enough to start big life change. You shouldn't trust random people on the internet.

What I needed in 2005 was some real-world advice from someone who had gone before me. Books and articles can only help so much. That's why I decided to include a free coaching call (video optional) for whoever wants one.

Until membership milestones are met, EpicEscape Course members can book a live call with me to ask whatever is on their mind. We can chat about expenses, safety, destinations—anything you like.

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Adventure Awaits

This world was meant to be explored, and doing so properly is difficult when we sell all of our time to someone else. Why not spread "retirement" throughout the earlier years of life when we can enjoy it more?

I'm not wealthy, however, I live a very rich life. I've been blessed with some exciting adventures since getting out oft the Race Race. I could have never done these things had I not left my comfort zone at IBM.

Along with the three below, I got to see the 14th Dalai Lama at his home in India, I've climbed notable volcanoes and peaks, tracked Komodo dragons, motorbiked in Southeast Asia, ran with the bulls in Pamplona, trekked to Machu Picchu, explored shipwrecks around the world, and much more.

I'm bragging a little, but I want the world to know that you don't have to wait until retirement to make your bucket-list dreams come true.

I did all of these memorable things (while being based on beautiful islands) without being wealthy or retired first!

Mount Everest

Mount Everest

I spent 19 days walking across the Himalayas in Nepal alone and got to touch Mount Everest!

Bull run in Pamplona

Running of the Bulls

I ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain (first run of San Fermin in 2015).

Island Life

Island Life

I've spent much of my time enjoying scuba diving and island life in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

You can read all the above adventures and more on my solo travel blog: www.vagabondinglife.com.